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Entrepreneurship 101: Winning Is On Purpose!

... & being successful is very intentional act . It takes time and unwavering commitment . The longer it takes you to put your all into your business , the longer it will take for your business to show & give you all that it truly has to offer . You have to be committed to investing in every aspect of running your business , and building your brand . While your business and your brand are two different things , true success comes when you learn to merge them . Success is a lot easier to accomplish that when you are truly passionate about the business you're running, and industry that you're in .Your biggest tool in growing a business is KNOWLEDGE . That ranges from knowing all that there is to know about your particular craft , to knowing how to manage your own site and social media effectively . The more you know , the more you grow ! As a self-proclaimed introvert, I really had to break the habit of not wanting to mix and mingle with people . And had to nerve to wonder why people weren't familiar with me , nor my brand . Simply put , you have to build rapport with people if you want them to spend their money with you ! And while you may have a certain demographic that you are looking to appeal to , know that EVERYONE is a potential customer or client .

Even if they don't need your particular service or product , they may know someone that does . That's why building your business' brand is so important . It about leaving great impressions on everyone that you cross paths with . Something about you needs to be a conversation piece at all times ! Whether it's wearing things with your business name on it , wearing your actual product , or even an eye-catching shirt or hair/nail color . Anything to spark conversation that can lead to you promoting and marketing your services . Customers will not just fall in your lap . That's wishful thinking and quite counterproductive in the grand scheme of things . Whoever you feel wants and needs your product/service the most , is who you need to be mixing and mingling with . Those are the mixers and events that you need to be attending . I'm just sayin' ! And most definitely speaking from experience . And no, not the " I'm so successful so listen to what I'm saying " kind of experience .The kind of experience that comes from being in my particular industry for over 10 years , and JUST now starting to really gain steady clientele and well-paying job opportunities . It's because I wasn't being nor believing in the dream I was trying to sell . No worries though , FACE by Mickie has entered it's glow up season . Faces aren't the only things that need makeovers every now and then ..

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